Episode 1

Patrik Ahlberg: “The Un-Techno”


March 1st, 2021

50 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

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Music in this episode:
"The Big Scioty" [theme music] - Matt Brown & Greg Reish
"Polska efter Monis Olle" - Patrik Ahlberg
"Werther's Dream" - Patrik Ahlberg
"Polska av Karl Stenberg" - Patrik Ahlberg
"Deer Walk" - Matt Brown & Greg Reish
"Soldier's Joy" - Matt Brown & Matt Brown
"Gamlestovslåtten" - Patrik Ahlberg
"The Big Scioty" [more theme music] - Matt Brown & Greg Reish

In the episode, Patrik mentions The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. We talk about Simon Stålspets , one of Patrik's teachers who plays cittern and guitar. One of Simon's bands is the Stockholm Lisboa Project with Patrik's first fiddle teacher Sergio Crisostomo. Patrik also mentions Sven Ahlbäck from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH). Sven wrote the folk music theory textbooks they used at Sjöviks Folkhögskola, the folk music school Patrik attended.

I also mention:

  • Brittany Haas
  • Seman Violins in Skokie, IL
  • The Lonesome Touch - Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill
  • Jacob Collier
  • Greg Reish and the album we made together, Speed of the Plow
  • Bruce Molsky
  • Ginny Hawker
  • Jayme Stone
  • Dave Sinko

Relax Your Grid is produced, edited & mixed by Matt Brown. This episode was recorded by Matt Brown and Patrik Ahlberg. Tim Brown and Dave Sinko provided essential post-production assistance. The Relax Your Grid logo was designed by Otto Allard.

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